Move Naturally for a Tox-less 2015!

 Let’s talk about how to move naturally, detox and stay ‘tox-less‘! This post is part of a series ‘DETOX? OR NOT-TO-TOX’. In the series, we saw how our body has an incredible system for detoxing naturally – just as long as we eat right … with traditional, nutrient- dense foods! READ PART 1 […]

Granny's 72 Hour Beef and Lentil Broth

Granny’s 72 Hour Beef and Lentil Broth

Granny’s bubbling stockpot was not for nothing!   Modern science is showing us what our granny already knew: “Stock contains minerals in a form the body can absorb easily—calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, sulphur and trace minerals. It also contains the broken down material from cartilage and tendons– chondroitin sulphates and glucosamine, sold […]

Chronic toxic overload

Detox? Or Not-To-Tox? Part 3: A ‘Tox-Less’ 2015! Are you ready?

‘DETOX? OR NOT-TO-TOX?’  Part 3: A TOX-LESS 2015!  ARE YOU READY! This is the third part in the series ‘DE-TOX? OR NOT-TO-TOX?  In the first two parts we talked about the tedious ritual of ‘detoxing’ and ‘cleansing’ and the longer-term restorative benefits of nutrient-dense, traditional foods. READ PART 1 HERE: Part 1: ‘THE DETOX […]

The functions of the liver

Detox? Or Not-To-Tox? Part 2: Detox De-Bunked!

In PART 1 of this series ‘DETOX? OR NOT-TO-TOX? Part 1: THE DETOX TREADMILL!’ we talked about how tedious it is to keep getting onto the annual ‘detox treadmill’.  Most of us have been there … did you recognise yourself, or someone you know! Year in, year out (and often twice a year) […]


Detox? Or Not-To-Tox? Part 1: The Detox Treadmill

Indulge … Gain weight … Feel *rap … DETOX … Feel good …Indulge … Gain weight … Feel *rap … DETOX … again  … again … Does this sound familiar – haven’t we’ve all been on the ‘detox treadmill’?  I wonder how many of us are just about to jump back […]